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LumoXchange enables partners with a unique opportunity to offer remittances on its marketplace through our Local Exchange Networks. Partnering with LumoXchange enables you to expand your remittance market outside your local service area without the cost of expanding internationally. Connect to LumoXchange’s remittance marketplace and gain access to millions of customers worldwide.

Local Exchange Networks


As a Bank partner, you can provide payout services to your diaspora population abroad and expand your banking brand outside your local market. Increase your marketing efficiency to acquire new customers by converting local unbanked beneficiaries into new customers by offering promotions to influence senders to use your services.


Over 70% of remittances are still paid out at cash pickup locations. Money Transfer Operators play a critical role in offering beneficiaries convenient options for picking up remittances. Offer complementary services such as bill payment, door-to-door delivery and provide customers with the utmost flexibility.


There are over 6.2 billion cellphone users in the world and in some markets, cellphones serve as an individual's bank account. Our marketplace enables mobile money operators to increase thier mobile wallet volumes by offering local disbursement of inbound remittances through simple API integration.


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